The architecture program at the BIHE Architecture Department focuses on certain fundamental principles, which has deep roots in precedents and contemporary cultural values; not the least of which is the respect for, and cooperation with nature. It is concerned with the form of the physical environment and its effect on people’s lives. . However, considering that today’s meaning of architectural design supersedes design of building buildings, students of BIHE are trained to design within unique constraints, in a collaborative learning environment. Students are trained to capture the power of design and its relevance to all aspects of the society and the day-to-day life, far beyond an architectural training. 

The Bachelor of Architecture degree is a five-year program requiring 160 semester units comprised of required and, elective courses as well as a general education and liberal arts & science component. The required courses cover fundamental concepts in art and design, history and theory, building science and tectonics, as well as professional practice, and environmental and human behaviour. The elective courses allow students a degree of flexibility and breadth of knowledge and skills, where they can pursue a wider range of specialized interests within the field of architecture. The general education and liberal arts and science courses ensure that students receive essential training and study in written and verbal communication, the sciences, and humanities as well as art courses that enable the students to gain more breadth and depth in architectural design and related subjects. 

As a result of completing this program, graduates will be able to:

  • To join the teams of practitioners as effective members and public advocates for health, safety and welfare of people and beauty of the environment,
  • Perform as developed thinkers and problem solvers that are able to uplift the human spirit by creating and preserving buildings and spaces that are not only inspiring but also holding due regards for nature and its manifestations,
  • Contribute to the culture of each generation, and hold reverence and regards for diversified societies and their values by developing new and creative concepts of designs and building structures that are inclusive and hold respect for otherness,
  • Demonstrate excellence in architectural design, building technology, constructability, communication skills and visual arts as well as technical know-how,
  • Demonstrate ability and readiness to join the most advanced graduate-level studies in architectural design and related programs around the globe.

Architectural studies at the BIHE trains the students with extensive knowledge of critical thinking, construction, and technical skills. Students of the BIHE are encouraged and provided opportunities for internship and apprenticeship within the local firms and are involved in construction sites and real design projects, as well as surveying, project management, urban design, and building planning and interior design opportunities, while still engaged in their unique setting of architecture education and training. By the same token the graduates of the BIHE are highly employable upon graduation.