Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Sociology

Addressing the biggest issues facing the world, sociology challenges us to consider them from a new standpoint and to improve the mechanism of society. We offer a comprehensive degree curriculum. The BA degree in Sociology is a general degree in Sociology without an area of specialization. Our degree in sociology provides students with theoretical and methodological tools and essential insights for understanding human social life and institutions. Students develop a sociological imagination, which involves an understanding of connections between social structure and individual experiences. They develop an appreciation of social theory and research, including the ability to distinguish various theoretical perspectives, identify different modes of inquiry and critically evaluate information. All students take basic courses in social institutions, theory and methods. Students also gain expertise in social issues pertaining to gender, family, education, religion, science and technology, and media. Also, the courses deeply explore the social issues of Iranian culture and society in specialized courses. Our high achieving students get scholarships for Master degrees both in abroad and also BIHE master program.

We are a medium-sized department which gives us the benefits of scale – in terms of the variety of teaching concerns – nevertheless allows us to be small enough to maintain a warm and welcoming environment. Our teaching staffs work with students in the classroom as well as in online sessions. There are small class sizes, a variety of learning possibilities such as day and evening class; in-class and on-line.

We believe that education is the main agency to change the way society works, the Department of Sociology is committed to providing a teaching and learning environment in which students are encouraged to think and analyze critically. A sociological vision illustrates how personal preferences and individual fates are formed by social forces. Our program challenges students to conduct independent research and to take advantage of opportunities in such areas as economy and organizations; diversity and inequality; and social problems and public policy. In addition to developing students’ ability to critically analyse and understand social patterns, the major is relevant to professional careers in education, social work, journalism, non-governmental organization, and social research. It also provides training for advanced graduate work in sociology and related fields.

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