English Literature & Linguistics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language Studies (ELS)  

English language studies offers undergraduate courses in English that enable the Bahá’í youth in Iran the possibility to teach English at an advanced level, thus meeting an urgent need of the Bahá’í and non-Bahá’í communities in Iran for highly qualified college graduates in TEFL. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).   

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English Language Studies (ELS) is a 9-semester program with 155 credits. Most English courses in the first four provide a solid foundation for the courses in the five semesters that follow.  These preliminary courses advance one’s English proficiency from a high intermediate level to an advanced level, while the specialized courses in the subsequent semesters concentrate on linguistics and literature.   

Courses in linguistics include syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, language acquisition, teaching methodology, testing, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. Literature courses are centered around three main genres: Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. These courses cover works of both American and English authors. Other electives include literary criticism, and the examination of Romanticism, Realism, and Modernism.    

As a result of completing this program, graduates will be able to:
  • Read, write, and teach English effectively
  • Develop theories and practices that have practical applications both within and beyond the limits of their classrooms
  • Express their ideas confidently, rely on their judgment, and analyze and discuss ideas put forward by others
  • Advance to graduate-level studies

Graduates of this program can work as English instructors, test developers, and translators.


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