Bachelor of Law (L.L.B.)

The field of law encompasses juridical questions including civil, criminal and commercial law, public and private international law, civil and criminal procedures, registrations of deeds and real estates, corporate and labor law, insurance and constitutional law, human rights, political science, maritime and air law, and administrative law.

The Bachelor of Law (L.L.B.) degree is a five-year program, with 142 credit hours over 11 academic semesters. The curriculum includes courses in all areas of law listed above.  Throughout the final semester, students attend specific training classes in which they implement “Law Execution and Legal Procedures” to prepare them for graduation.

  • As a result of completing this program, graduates will be able to:
  • Handle issues in public and private law
  • Demonstrate knowledge of public international law
  • Advance to graduate-level studies

Graduates of this major can work as legal advisors in commercial, insurance and transportation  companies.  They can also work as legal assistants, dispute arbiters, tax consultants, and legal advisors to managers.

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