Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music

Music as a subdivision of Art always has a large share of spiritual feelings, to shape public opinion in better route, to work as a remedy for mankind and help society to reach harmony and peace.

You are studying for a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree. The degree offers you much more than just academic excellence, and allows you to specialize in performance of an individual instrument as well as piano as a second instrument. Your individual instrument could be classified in one of these two different areas: Persian instrument or classical instrument.

You will study the fundamental elements of music which will allow you to focus on a wide range of theoretical and practical modules alongside musical genre. Theory courses intend to increase your musical information through a wide variety of courses such as, theory of music, history of classical music and Persian music, while practical courses encourage you to increase your abilities in playing. As a consequence you will have tremendous potential in performing by individual as a solo performer which is the leading cause of this major or take part in different groups of music. The combination of courses, e.g Tonal Harmony, Counterpoint and etc, will enable you to analyze classical forms including, Sonata, Variation, Minuet, Trio and Rondo. You can also pursue your own interests by choosing optional modules, exploring different areas. It’s necessary that all students both Iranian players and classical ones, have brief knowledge about other specific courses. Therefore, you will gain enough information about music as a musician.

After completing these four years, despite of performance which helps a musician to illustrate the implementation of study plans, you have a sigh of view about every aspect of music which helps you to choose your route for continuing your education in master’s degree in a specific field.