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Neda Nasheri PDF Print E-mail

Since childhood I was interested in biology. I was curious about how plants and animals grow and live. Later I became fascinated with genetics and I was sure that I wanted to be a scientist who studies genes. I studied hard at school to achieve my goal. However, towards the last years of high school, it became apparent that being a Baha’i, I would be denied to continue my education in the national official universities.

I was lucky that upon finishing high school, the BIHE decided to start the Biology program and of course without any hesitation I applied and got accepted. This is when my 5-year journey with the BIHE began, it was not always smooth, I saw how my professors had to teach multiple courses, and had to be stressed about finding volunteers to teach new courses. I witness how the biology laboratories were being set up, with so much sacrifice, for the first time. At the end, I was the fortunate first graduate of the biology program. From there, I was accepted in the University of Ottawa to pursue my life-long goal, to become a scientist who studies genes….

Now I live my childhood dream, I am a scientist who studies genes! Virus genes though! I am the virologist at Health Canada, having my own laboratory, my own team, training students and teaching at universities. I owe all of these to BIHE that made it possible for me to take the first major steps, to continue loving science, to pursue the goal.

Neda Nasheri,

PhD Research Scientist

Health Canada

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