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Mahsa Haei PDF Print E-mail

Despite limited resources at BIHE, I was able to receive my BSc in Applied Chemistry in 2004, thanks to the selfless and sincere contribution of the professors and the perseverance and endurance that were nurtured in us during our studies. My 4.5 years at BIHE taught me about sacrifice, sense of purpose, independence and thinking out of the box. I have not only benefitted from these learnings in my continuing education, but also cherish them as valuable assets in all aspects of my life.

After graduating from BIHE, I studied Environmental Chemistry at the University of Oslo, Norway (2004-2006) and was among the top graduates. I then did my PhD in Physical Geography (UmeƄ University, Sweden, 2007-2011) followed by several years of research on carbon dynamics and climate change in northern Sweden.

I am grateful to all of the former dedicated staff at BIHE and wish all the best for the devoted collaborators at the institute.

Mahsa Haei,
Biogeochemist (PhD), Stockholm, Sweden

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