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Haleh Shahriari PDF Print E-mail


I joined BIHE Civil Engineering in 1992, after I had been denied entry to universities because of my religious beliefs. Though we would receive no diploma at graduation and would have no chance of being hired by governmental organisations, a love of learning and the necessity of education for each individual made me wish to try to improve the level of my education. The lack of educational facilities such as lectures, regular access to instructors, library and so on made studies difficult; but the love, sacrifice and devotion of our teaching staff, who worked hard, without material rewards, to raise the level of science education of our youth, created a motivation in me to compete with those who had ideal university facilities.

One of the outstanding characters of BIHE is that it taught us how to solve problems by independent research using various books and resources. This was to prove useful later on.

I started working in a firm of consulting engineers as a structural engineer in 1997. I left this employment to commence graduate studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada in 2001, receiving my master’s degree in Environmental Engineering in 2003 and returned home to Iran. I am now working on several environmental projects in Iran.

Thirteen years after my entrance to BIHE, I would say that, even if Iranian universities were open to me, I would still choose to study in BIHE again because of so many valuable lessons: I would want to experience again this golden period in my life which came to me just from God’s grace.

Haleh Shahriari
Senior Structural Designer, Iran

Farhood Nowzartash PDF Print E-mail

ImageWhen I joined the BIHE civil engineering program in 1992, I never imagined that some day I would complete my bachelor level studies at this institute. At that time BIHE was just a movement among a few hundred students and a few tens of dedicated individuals, who arose to use their knowledge to teach others.

For me, as a candidate in the Iranian team for the International Mathematics Contest, who was supposed to be able to enter any program at any university without writing the entrance exam, but had been denied post secondary education, BIHE was a challenge. A challenge to prove to politicians that it is impossible to block a live community from growing, that although they might shut one door, God would open others. This was shown when I was admitted to the Master’s program at the university of Ottawa in Canada in 2000.

This program was conducted in a much more competitive environment, but resulted in success in 2002. My thesis was chosen for a faculty award. I would present my thesis in a congress and would even publish four papers in one of the most prestigious journals in civil engineering. These successes were truly the result of Iranian Bahá’i’ community sacrifices made during the previous two and a half decades. I now fully appreciate what BIHE has taught me, especially the ability to use resources independently, and I am resolved to try to help other students like myself by all means.

Farhood Nowzartash
Senior Engineer - Civil Department of Artec and Associates Consulting Engineers 

Shahrzad Missaghi, Ph.D. PDF Print E-mail

Image"I graduated from BIHE with a bachelor degree in Pharmacy.  I went to the U.S. to pursue a doctoral degree in Pharmaceutics.  I was admitted to three highly accredited universities in the U.S.  The strong background that I acquired in BIHE tremendously helped me during my graduate studies and research.  Furthermore, due to my strong background in pharmacy I was offered to teach several courses to the professional pharmacy students while working towards my degree.  The continuous commitment and high spirit of the professors, staff and the students of BIHE has been and always will be a driving force for me to strive towards excellence in every aspect of my personal and professional life."

Shahrzad Missaghi, Ph.D.
Research Scientist in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Philadelphia, USA.

Saman Zarandioon PDF Print E-mail

Image"My wonderful experience at BIHE was very rewarding both academically and intellectually. The strong academic background that I earned during my education at BIHE allowed me to smoothly continue my education toward masters' degree in computer science department of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the largest computer science department among all research universities in the New York metropolitan area.

During my graduate studies, I participated in several research projects founded by NSF as research assistant and was ranked number one in almost all of my classes. I owe my success in education and career to the close attention that I received from committed and knowledgeable faculty and staff of BIHE."

Saman Zarandioon
Technical Analyst/Programmer at Global Information Technology Department
Colgate-Palmolive Company
New Jersey, USA

Rames Rohani PDF Print E-mail

Image "People say, "Did you graduate from an underground university?" This is the common question that I frequently get asked. Studying at the Baha'i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE), in a face of a state that forbids the education of Baha'is in Iran, was a challenging experience for me to say the least.

But my determination to continue my tertiary education was inspired by the dedicated and tired less effort of Baha'i academics and the sacrifice they made to maintain the program. Despite all odds, they offered their knowledge and skills without any expectations of remuneration. There was almost no enrolment fee, except for basic postage and photocopying costs. While I was studying I was using the same textbooks as formal students of state universities used at that time in Iran.

I was among the first graduates of computer science at the BIHE. My credential was accepted by several overseas universities, which led me to do postgraduate studies (master of computer science) in New Zealand.

I am proud of having graduated at the BIHE, the university that gave me confidence, discipline and knowledge, attributes that I may not have gained otherwise."

Rames Rohani
New Zealand Private IT Contractor 

Parisa Aghsani PDF Print E-mail

"I got my B.Sc (pharmaceutical science) from BIHE and M.Sc (biology) at university of Ottawa, Canada. B.Sc in BIHE gave me an opportunity that I have never been exposed to in my education as I think it was so especial and actually unique among other institutes.  My years in BIHE not only let me learn a lot of theoretical/technical knowledge from diversified useful courses, but also gave me a precious opportunity to deepen and grow my insight and feel how education can be merged with permanent changes in our level of being which can be much more precious than just getting a certificate and being geared up for a job. In addition, the administration and staff were always so friendly and positively motivated to serve students better regardless of the situation. Finally, I think studying at BIHE was accompanied with a different motivation and therefore a different outcome!"   

Parisa Aghsani

Nasim Heshmati PDF Print E-mail

"I received my Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences program at Bahai Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) and continued my graduate studies for Master’s degree in pharmacology at University of Ottawa, Canada.

I was always passionate about medicine and pharmacy. The BIHE provided me the opportunity to study in pharmaceutical sciences and continue my studies in related fields. 

The method of studying, which was mainly based on self-study in the first years, improved my ability to search the answer of scientific problems in different sources. In the last two years of my study, I acquired precious experiences from my dear professors in the weekly classes. Being very inspiring, they were exemplars of devotion to science, and self-sacrifice in their service to BIHE. During my final project, I got acquainted with critical thinking and perseverance in scientific research. All these, made me ready for the graduate studies.

Although the BIHE does not have a specific place as an official building, and most of classes are held at homes or rented places, the spirit of love and cooperation among professors, students, and administrative part has made it possible for the students to overcome the difficulties and finish their studies. I believe this is what makes the BIHE unique among other universities!"

Nasim Heshmati

Marjan Rohani PDF Print E-mail

"My very first impression about BIHE University is that it is part of me! Once it supported me truly and helped me improve and now I make any effort for its growth and advancement. I think BIHE is unique in that it cares about any single student who enters this university and tries to remove any obstacle in the way. More notably, it has a moral support of all the bahai’s around the globe.

I was lucky to enter our new born university at a time when it had passed the preliminary difficulties. With all the limitations at the time it provided me with the knowledge needed as a structural civil engineer, with the ability to learn self independently and with a broader vision of the realities of life. Aside from the educational point of view, I got to know great friends and I learnt a lot from them which added to my experience.

Being asked to continue my studies in the field of transportation in order to help the department strengthen in this area, I was not sure of the path in front of me. This task seemed difficult as all the experience I had gained was in structural engineering, yet I was glad to have an opportunity to give a hand. Therefore, I did study in this area with an emphasis on pavement engineering. I graduated from Carleton University in Canada in 2004 and returned my homeland with a goal to offer what I had learnt. Today I am proud to be one of the crew members who sail this boat. This is really a treasure. May God bless all its servants!"

Marjan Rohani
Senior Engineer, Haraz Rah International Engineering and Construction, Iran

Sara Ahrari PDF Print E-mail

"I graduated from Department of Civil Engineering, Carleton University in November 2000. While highly appreciating the opportunity provided by Carleton University, studying there made me well aware how unique and extraordinary studying at BIHE have been. Being deprive from access to public higher education, BIHE made it possible for me and many others like me to get higher education. Of course, it was not an easy task. It only became possible through many sacrifices by professors of BIHE as well as many others who restlessly strived to make it happen. Graduating from BIHE was not end of story. Afterwards, I realized that BIHE not only has provided me with adequate knowledge in Civil Engineering but a vision to see differently and an ability to solve the problems independently and with minimal supervision. I am greatly thankful for it and I would not change this experience with anything else in the world."

Sara Ahrari,
Water and Sanitation Specialist,
International Medical Corps, Pakistan

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